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Frequently Asked Questions {#faqs}

Questions through our chatting platforms and response answers have been compiled into this impressive list of resource. The FAQ list is useful for new users who may have queries to raise. Often, the question might have been answered previously and captured on FAQ. To ease the work of our technical support team, we encourage CETRAD-EWS website users to familiarise themselves with the FAQs section before raising their concerns on email or chat.

To start a chat, click the message icon on bottom-right corner of CETRAD-EWS website. The Icon opens a chat bot when courser is moved over it.

Chat Box

Click input field written Compose your message to start chat. The chatbox should increase in size as shown below.

Large Chat Box

When done typing your message, press the enter key to send. Someone will respond. If response is delayed, you will be prompted leave your email address for offline support on mail. This may happen when there is no one online to respond to your message. When the prompt pops-in, please leave your valid email address - we will respond directly to your email provided.

Leave Email

Alternatively, to chat with us, shoot an email to